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Alerts and Alerts Server

Have you ever:
  • Been low on cash because key accounts were not called on a timely basis for collections?
  • Lost an account to your competition because you didn’t realize they were no longer purchasing from you in time to win them back?
  • Lost profit on items sold where the cost gradually went up but your sales price was not adjusted?
  • Been out of stock on a needed product because it was all sold well prior to your re-order process?
  • Been considerably over budget on certain expenses because they weren’t looked at until the end of the month when it was too late to do anything about it?
  • Lost jobs because they were not quoted on time?
  • Lost opportunity for cash flow because projects or jobs were ready to bill but no one knew it?
  • Been put on credit hold with a vendor because of not watching the account balance or invoice age?

Using Info-Alert is like like hiring an invisible assistant whose job is to make sure you’re well informed.

The Right Information:
Never be taken by surprise again by late invoices, low inventory or customers who stopped purchasing.

To The Right Person:
Different alerts about different aspects of the company can be sent to the person who best knows what to do with the information at hand.

At The Right Time:
No more waiting for reports to be run manually.  

Through The Right Channel:
Alerts can be sent via email, SMS, fax or in the form of a report.