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The MISys Manufacturing System has been used by over 7,000 manufacturing firms in 48 countries.
MISys Manufacturing was designed to be a sensible alternative to cumbersome and expensive manufacturing management systems. It performs the advanced functions small- to medium-sized manufacturing firms need, yet its familiar user interface makes the software ideal for the non-technical user.

Quick and Easy to Learn
Manufacturing Information Systems, Inc. has combined the latest Microsoft .NET technology with our 20+ years of PC-based manufacturing software experience to deliver a system that gives users quick access to the information you need, when you need it, wherever you are. The look and feel of MISys Manufacturing means your staff won't have to develop a whole new set of navigation skills. Anyone who knows their way around the most popular email or word-processing programs will feel at home with this software.

Flexible Deployment Optio
Depending on your need, MISys Manufacturing can be installed on a desktop PC, shared across a company intranet, or deployed over the Internet. MISys Manufacturing is built on Microsoft SQL Express which is included with your purchase. For larger firms, MISys Manufacturing supports hundreds of concurrent users on Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and above. Powerful, Versatile and Expandable
MISys Manufacturing provides basic manufacturing inventory control through advanced MRP and production control and expands its functionality as your needs grow - you pay only for what you need and use. Deploy any way you want - on a desktop PC, company network, or over the Internet. Since MISys Manufacturing is web-enabled, keeping tabs on production activites a world away is easy.

Run Stand-alone or Fully Integrated
MISys Manufacturing can be run stand-alone, or integrated with many of the most popular accounting software systems to form a complete manufacturing business management system. By communicating directly with your accounting software, time-consuming and error-prone exporting and importing is eliminated. Your CFO will smile when your company financials accurately reflect your manufacturing activities.

Critical Data At Your Fingertips
Using a unique system of alerts, you can configure MISys Manufacturing to notify you when certain conditions are met or events occur within your manufacturing system. Gone is the risk of not having the information you need to take immediate corrective actions. Hundreds of standard reports, and the ability to add your own custom reports, puts the information you need to run your manufacturing operation at your fingertips.