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Sage Accpac ERP 5.5

Customer: Oak Furniture West
Industry: Furniture
System: Sage Accpac ERP 500

“Sage Accpac is so easy to use and our staff is so comfortable with it ... Sage Accpac is a perfect fit for our company.”

QuikServ Corp
Industry: Manufacturing
System: Sage Accpac 500 ERP, MISys Manufacturing System

“We wanted to improve on our public image and Sage Accpac gave us the tools to do so. Sage Accpac is like a giant toolbox. Every time we need to change something, the software has the right tool for the job. We have just expanded the system with MISys manufacturing software and we intend to add the Sage CRM application down the road.”

Sage Accpac ERP

Customer: Avisar
Industry: Business Advisory and Accounting Services

“ACCAPC CFO helps Avisar advisors go beyond just compiling financial statements; we actually get the client to understand the meaning of those numbers …We can provide a higher level of service to our clients and earn additional recurring revenue streams in the process.”

BarrierMed Inc.
Industry: Medical Supplies
System: Sage Accpac ERP      

“Sage Accpac is enabling BarrierMed to become the number one glove company in the world. It meets our accounting and product tracking requirements today and will continue to do so as we continue on our growth path.”

Benshaw, Inc.
Industry: Manufacturing
System: Sage Accpac ERP, ACCPAC eTransact

“We knew that we needed an end-to-end business solution in order to have the company running on all cylinders. To stay competitive in today’s market and maintain a high level of customer service, we needed the capability to effectively integrate and manage the financial, operational, and manufacturing activities of our remote locations, plus add integrated Web store capabilities that would facilitate online customer ordering.”

Sage CRM

Customer: BDO Dunwoody LLP
Industry: Professional Accounting
System: ACCPAC Business Analysis Suite (BAS)

“ACCPAC BAS gives us an exceptional tool that augments our knowledge and understanding of our clients’ businesses, allowing us to present alternatives that will help them achieve optimal business performance for the long term. The net result is a win-win relationship for us and our clients.”

Club One, Inc.
Industry:  Amusement & Recreation
System: Sage Accpac ERP, Sage Accpac CRM, Sage Accpac Insight

“We needed one system with a unified reporting structure that still met the needs of each of the divisions.”

Industry: Sales/Service/Integration
System: Sage Accpac ERP, Sage CRM

“Sage Accpac is to be saluted for the design of the system, which provides so much flexibility and has enabled us to conduct our business much more efficiently than before.”

First Active
Industry: Mortage
System: Sage Accpac, Sage CRM

“We needed a technical solution that would allow us to most easily achieve our business goal—which was to offer our customers new and easier ways of doing business with us. The Sage Accpac CRM architectural approach, complete customizability and wide range of integration hooks, made it a successful choice for us to rapidly and comprehensively deploy our new channels”.

Customer: Fryers Catering Services
Industry: Hospitality
System: Sage ACCPAC ERP, Sage CRM

“Over the years, I have used a number of accounting solutions and, from an accountant’s point of view, Sage Accpac has to be the strongest in terms of flexibility and user-friendliness,” Saunders says. “The solution as a whole enables us to set strategic plans, checks how we are performing against these plans, and take whatever necessary action to keep on track”.