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Service and Maintenance Solutions

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Make your service and maintenance resources work harder with true, centralized accountability.

Improve efficiency, lower costs, boost productivity and enhance customer satisfaction with centralized management of your service and maintenance functions through Technisoft Service Manager.
  • Multi-currency and Service Center/Branch accounting for global capabilities
  • Communicate with your employees or customers from anywhere day or night using wireless PDA, mobile/cell phone or online
  • Communicate with employees or customers 24/7 via wireless PDA, mobile/cell phone or online
  • Employee Portal enables employees to modify and create jobs via the Internet
  • Self-service Customer Portal allows customers to log jobs and view information -saving you time and money
  • Customizable and scalable to grow and change with your business

Service Manager key features include:

  • Create customized documents and forms including templates; quotations; jobs; projects; invoices; credit notes; cost-only entries; requisitions; purchases; receipts; and issue parts/stock; labor and other services.
  • Schedule jobs, employees/contractors, tasks, equipment, and other resources.
  • View workloads, plan ahead, allocate and reschedule resources, record time entries, and manage conflicts.
  • Plan preventative maintenance functions to create task and service activities.
  • Communicate with your employees or customers from anywhere day or night using wireless PDA, mobile/cell phone or online.
  • Track serialized inventory and equipment (includes equipment transfers, warranty, RMAs, symptoms, faults and solutions, rentals, returns/ exchange rotations, history, life-cycle profitability).
  • Stay connected via fully integrated online (real time) or offline (full sync up process) PDA and Notebook field solutions allowing employees to and update jobs and tasks as they are received and completed.